the coming swells Ithe coming swells IIaround the worldaround the world IImy weathered spursflight Iflight IIflight IIIfrom which it came bursting outi found my marbles in the seamildew on my mind
A solo exhibition in 2013 at the Artinformal Gallery in Manila

Artist Statement
My work continues to focus on the fundamentals of drawing and the ways in which it reveals, through the physical act of mark-making and gestural painting, a site of excavation and construction. Using paper, graphite, paints, inks and pigments I employ a method that places me directly onto the work surface--bypassing any sort of premeditated approach--where a physical relationship between my hands and chosen material is forged, tested and redefined in a cyclical, intuitive, and sometimes labor-intensive process. This is manifested through an amalgamation of lines, strokes, drips, spills, scratches, tears, smudges, erasing, shading, spraying, staining and rubbing—where each unique gesture paves the way for the other, freely navigating space and scale, offering meditations on the compositional strength of unbound impulses and movement.